Research & Development

Learning from the front line of the clinical environment that is in a constant state of flux, we diligently conduct activities from drug discovery activities to post-marketing.

Basic Position concerning Research and Development

Our basic position concerning research and development is to achieve our mission, "Human-friendly medicine for people in the world" and by listening to the opinions of doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals working at the front line of the clinical environment, as well as those of patients, we are making continuous efforts to produce products with new value. We are concentrating our management resources on enhancing our system for research and development in the field of diabetes and diabetes-related diseases.

The sharing of information throughout all units in the organization

All units in the organization share information concerning the clients' needs and medical challenges to support our day-to-day research activities.

Our researchers listen carefully to opinions from the clinical environment, and emphasize the importance of R&D that is in tune with clinical needs. In line with this activity, our junior researchers conduct fieldwork at medical institutions to support medical representatives, which represents an on-the-job training program that enables the junior researchers to feel and experience clinical realities. The experience that our researchers gain in this way contributes to research that creates outcomes useful to society.
Information concerning the clients' needs and medical challenges are stored in the company's specially developed databank called TIS (Timely Information Service), which enables the information to be shared by all units in the organization. This sharing of information lends further support to our day-to-day research activities.

Information Applied to Research

Achieving "human-friendly medicines" with the unity of research & development and sales divisions.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO's original efforts to take needs in healthcare fields and utilize the needs for research & development have also produced results as generic drugs with greater added value. One example is the hyperkalemia treatment "ARGAMATE Jelly." By upgrading the drug, which was not easy for patients to take, into a jelly, the drug has grown to achieve the largest share in the market. In addition, as a new member of our lineup of ARGAMATE brand products, we launched "ARGAMATE Granule." Together with ARGAMATE Jelly, we are working hard to apply this medicine to as many patients with renal failure as possible. This is a good example of our efforts in always living up to the needs in healthcare to develop "human-friendly medicines," through united action by our research & development and sales divisions.

Licensing agreements with domestic and foreign companies

In addition to our plans for product after-market clinical research and fundamental research, as well as adapting experiment systems with specialist practitioners and medical institutions, we share appropriate information about post-marketing studies including advice through planning statements and academic materials regarding post market strategy.

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