Research & development

Efforts for Research & Development

Our mission is to contribute to the health of patients by challenging to research and development of new drugs that meet high unmet medical needs. Our R&D activities cover in-house research, collaborative research, and in-licensing from other research institutions to approach the most advanced technology for the novel drug.

Challenge for unmet medical needs

There are still many diseases which effective treatments have not been established with high unmet medical needs. In order to develop new drugs to meet these unmet needs of patients and medical professionals, we are improving our R&D infrastructure and continually developing new drugs, especially in the areas of diabetes and renal diseases.

Research & development systems

Mie Research Park is our R&D base for drug discovery

In Mie Research Park('MRP'), we are searching for hit compounds that will become a novel drug from a vast library of compounds, and also creating new candidate compounds that will enhance their effectiveness and safety. MRP is an extensive research center to conduct comprehensive researchs from the manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients to formulation design as well as quality assessment in one place.

Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories

CMC Research Laboratories

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