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We provide you with a smile and wellbeing by following products.

The following products are some of our major products which locally (Japan) approved and being sold. SKK is also doing an active overseas business (in/out-licensing, exporting, co-development) with many overseas partners. If you have an inquiry on our full product line for your market, please submit your proposal.

Prescription Drug

SUINY® Tablet 100 mg
Anagliptin (DPP-4 inhibitor)
Type 2 diabetes

SEIBULE® Tablet 25, 50, 75 mg
OD Tablet 25,50,75 mg

Miglitol (Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor)
Postprandial hyperglycemia in Diabetes

DIART® Tablet 30, 60 mg
Azosemide (Long-acting loop diuretic)
Congestive heart failure, Hepatic edema, Renal edema

URIADEC® Tablet 20, 40, 60 mg
Topiroxostat (Xanthine oxidoreductase inhibitor)
Gout, Hyperuricemia

ARGAMATE® 20% Jelly 25 g, 89.29% Granule 5.6 g
Calcium polystyrene sulfonate (Cation-exchange resin)
Hyperkalemia in acute/chronic renal failure

CARNACULIN® Tablet 25, 50, Capsule 25
Kallidinogenase (Peripheral vasodilator)
Peripheral circulatory disorder


Glutest ai
Blood glucose meter for self-monitoring (small glucose meter)

Glutest Neo alpha
Blood glucose meter for self-monitoring (small glucose meter)

Glutest Neo Sensor
Blood glucose monitoring kit (electrode for small glucose meter only)

Glutest mint
Glucose analyzer

Mint Sensor
Glucose monitoring kit for blood test

Puncture device for blood collection

Puncture device for blood collection

A1c iGear Quick S
Glycohemoglobin analyzer

A1c iGear S
Glycohemoglobin analyzer

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