Message from Top Management

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO is an R&D-based company seeking "new values" for all people wishing good health, and is making diligent efforts for that purpose every day.

Particularly, we concentrate our management resources in the areas of diabetes and kidney diseases and have been enhancing our presence by sincerely taking demands from patients and healthcare professionals and providing satisfactory drugs, diagnostic agents and other products.

There are many diseases in the world, for which no effective treatments have yet been established and no drugs have been developed smoothly. Going forward, we would also like to be of service to such diseases by further developing drugs for unmet medical needs and orphan diseases.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO intends to contribute to all people wishing good heath as a member of "health creator" Suzuken group, centering on provision of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

All of our employees will work together continuously under the corporate philosophy "Human-friendly 'medicines' for people in the world."

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