Corporate Philosophy

Human-friendly 'medicines' for people in the world.

Good health is a common desire of people around the world. Our mission is to provide pharmaceuticals with new value to people who wish for it.
Our concept of pharmaceuticals with new value has two meanings: one is Drugs to treat and diagnose disease, and the other is the Proposal of solutions to healthcare professionals.
We hope to link our dream of Health Creation with the power of chemistry by providing this kind of Pharmaceutical to people around the world.
Our corporate philosophy embraces such desire.

Our Business

We are a research-driven pharmaceutical company to contribute society by our four business domains.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO offers services aimed at improving the quality of life of people wishing for good health, centered on its two main businesses of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
In the Pharmaceutical Business, we have steadily accumulated a track record focusing on new drugs in the areas of diabetes and renal diseases. In the Diagnostics Business, we have continuously developed and launched products such as self-blood-glucose-meters and sensors, as well as diagnostic agents for infectious diseases.
SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO continues to evolve with the addition of two businesses: OSDrC business, which utilizes innovative drug formulation technologies, and contract manufacturing business, which uses a sophisticated quality-management system.

OSDrC: stands for One-Step Dry-Coating. The technology enables manufacturing of dry-coated tablets in one step by using the OSDrC rotary tableting machine with variable double punches.

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