Mie Research Laboratories

In the Mie Research Park, three research institutes collaborate with each other at the frontier of drug discovery.

Mie Research Laboratories

Drug Discovery Laboratories

  • Rapidly finding matching compounds (hits) from the large library of compounds to create new clinical compounds.
  • Specializing in reliable and efficient research by collaborating with domestic and international research institutions with advanced technology.

Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories

  • Work on pharmacological analysis and clarification of in vivo kinetics and safety of new compounds
  • Obtain data sets to create medicines from clinical candidate compounds
  • Actively work to perform post-marketing studies such as new indication and research into new applications for current products

Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratories

  • Develop technologies for drug formulation designs that take advantage of the characteristics of drugs
  • Develop innovative drug formulation technology (OSDrC technology)
  • Develop drug formulations with high added value to pursue convenience to patients.

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