Mission Statement

We create new value as a member of the Suzuken Group with our corporate philosophy: Human-friendly medicine for people in the world

Our hope: "Human-friendly medicine for people in the world."

Our efforts over the past half-century have been dedicated to pursuing happiness of everyone seeking a healthy life. We supply medicine that cures and prevents diseases together with a wide-range of information and innovative ideas. Our medicine also meets the needs of patients and is convenient for medical professionals. We, Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho, promise to pursue our mission statement by creating and providing this kind of medicine for the world and by enhancing our chemical and scientific knowledge we aim to achieve the ultimate goal: creation of well-being for all people.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO aims to be a "Total Health Support Company" that comprehensively supports health in close relation to the daily lives of people who desire good health.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO provides services with the aim of improving quality of life for people desiring good health, ranging from prevention to diagnoses and treatments, exerting comprehensive strength for our three main business segments "pharmaceuticals," "diagnostics," and "nutrition."

Our pharmaceuticals business unit continuously provides drugs which can contribute to the improvement of lifestyle-related diseases and generic drugs with high added value in consideration of medical needs/patient needs with a focus on diabetes. Through our diagnostics business unit we provide small blood glucose meters/sensors and diagnostic agents in the areas of infections and pediatrics. We also supply medical foods that support nutrition for the elderly and patients needing nursing care via the nutrition business unit.

Our two other business units are "OSDrC*"which uses innovative drug formulation technologies and our "contract manufacturing business" with its high-level quality management system.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO is continuously evolving in all five business units.

*OSDrC: stands for One-Step Dry-Coating. The technology enables manufacturing of dry-coated tablets in one step by using the OSDrC rotary tableting machine with variable double punches.

3 main business + 2 business

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