Message from Top Management

Human-friendly medicine for people in the world We faithfully follow our corporate philosophy.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO is an R&D-based company working to create new value for all people desiring good health. Our efforts for that purpose are renewed every day.

We have focused our investments on diabetes and diabetes-related areas with our goal to be the "Best Partner Company for Diabetes Treatment". Listening sincerely to patients and healthcare professionals has made us known for providing medicines, diagnostic agents and other products that meet their needs.

There still remain many diseases in the world for which no effective treatments have yet been established and for which drugs have yet to be developed. We would also like to do our part in developing drugs for unmet medical needs and rare diseases.

SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO intends to contribute all people wishing good health by providing most appropriate solutions as a "health creating company" while taking advantage of inter-business synergy centering on the three businesses: pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and nutrition.

All of our employees are continuously working together toward the corporate philosophy "Human-friendly medicine for people in the world."

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